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The goal of this capstone project was to create fire safety multimedia program. Cartoon characters were developed to guide the user through the game and teach important fire safety lessons. Each character was hand drawn in a cartoon style and then voiced to be more relatable to young users.

Target Market

Although most lines are spoken, there is a text based quiz which would eliminate children too young to read. The game would best be used as a supplement to other fire safety materials for 8 to 10 year olds. However with a parent or teacher this game could be useful in illustrating important fire safety to even younger children.


All information presented in the CD-Rom was the most up to date, at the time, official fire safety rules from the United States Fire Administration and local fire departments. Most materials were acquired at the La Grande Fire Department, such as pamphlets and video tapes. It deals with fire prevention tips and most importantly how to stay safe in the event of a home fire. There are two basic categories of fire safety for children, prevention and survival. Each character driven section will illustrate the importance of both. There are many ways a fire can start in the home so the CD-Rom mostly deals with teaching about the most common or most dangerous. The game covers how to prevent fires and what to do in case of kitchen fires, candle fires, electrical fires, etc.


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