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We are very excited to announce that after nearly 3 years DarkSaber is now finally finished and has been released.

Please visit the "Downloads" section to watch or download one of the many versions depending on your connections speed. Or to learn more about how DarkSaber was filmed, please visit the "About The Film" section for a wide varity of articles and videos.

Thank you for your interest, if you have an questions or comments please e-mail Kevin Berryman at

Oct 07, 2007: Added a Flash Slide Show of productions stills from the filming of DarkSaber. Go to downloads and click on Extra Content to check it out.

Oct 06, 2007: Changed a few things to streamline the website. We will soon be offering more DVD options to the downloads section.

Oct 05, 2007: has gone live, as well as!

May 17, 2007: DarkSaber premeired at Star Wars Fest 2007 at Eastern Oregon University. Opinions are possitive. A Special Edition DarkSaber themed PC was given away in celebration of the film's release.


DARKSABER is a Star Wars fan film directed by Kevin Berryman and Starring Michael Berryman, Zach Baker, Christopher Hooper, and Craig Berryman. It was produced by Berryman Productions and filmed on location in Baker County Oregon.

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