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Q: Dark Saga II? What about Dark Saga I?

A: "Dark Saga" was planed as a trilogy from the beginning. Part I and III were put on the backburner due to the planed screening at Star Wars Fest 2007. Part I, "Dark Rising", is currently in production and will be an audio drama much like the Star Wars NPR radio plays. Part III, "Dark Soul", is currently in preproduction and will be a fully animated climax to the Dark Saga Trilogy.


Q: When does the story of DarkSaber take place?

A: Some time between Episode III and IV, during the time when the rebellion was just getting started.


Q: What kind of budget did you have to make the movie on?

A: Zero, Nada, Zilch.


Q: How long did it take to make?

A: Principle filming was shot in two days in the summer of 2005. Secondary filming was done in the following months. Re-shoots were filmed the following summer. Editing, and all special effects work, including 3D modeling and animation were finished up just in time for the May 17th screening at the Star Wars Fest 2007. So in short it took a little less than three years.


Q: What kind of camera did you use?

A: A Sony Digital 8 HandyCam.


Q: What programs did you use?

A: Sony Vegas for editing, Bryce 3D 5 for Modeling and Animation, Adobe After Effects for rotoscoping and special effects, Sound Forge for audio recording and effects, and Photoshop for touchup work.


Q: Where did you film at that has hills of white dirt?

A: The hills are leftover material from an old abandoned Lime Plant of which we also used as a backdrop.


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