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NOTE: This game was made using GameMaker Pro 7. There are known compatiblility issues. Intergrated video cards (laptop PCs, budget PCs etc.), old drivers, old DirectX, and Vista can cause errors. Hopefully the next release of GameMaker will solve these problems.

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Release Date: August 03, 2008

Warp-Hole is a 16-bit style puzzle game inspired by and somewhat a parody of the brilliant game “Portal” by Valve Software and the puzzle game “Chip’s Challenge” by Chuck Sommerville.

You play as Bob who must survive the many traps and challenges designed to kill him in an elaborate test facility designed by the insane computer DaVIS, (Dedicated Articulate Variable Intelligence System).

Bob’s only tool in this labyrinth of death is the Warp-Hole Gun. With it he can solve puzzles, avoid traps, and try to escape.

What are you waiting for? Download it now and enjoy over 30 levels of this challenging comedic 2D top-down 16-Bit style puzzle game.


Too much of a newb to conquer the game? Cheat with these codes:

IDCLEV = Skip level

IDKFA = Make cannon to the left of character

IDDT = Make a box to the left of character

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