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NOTE: This game was made using GameMaker Pro 7. There are known compatiblility issues. Intergrated video cards (laptop PCs, budget PCs etc.), old drivers, old DirectX, and Vista can cause errors. Hopefully the next release of GameMaker will solve these problems.

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Release Date: August 03, 2008

UPDATE: New version with more power-ups and in game hints. Plus a new lite version for PCs that have difficulty running the hi-res version.

Pixel Land Blast is an old-school horizontal shooter also known as a “shoot’em up. The game was inspired by James Rolfe’s character The Angry Video Game Nerd.

You play as The Nerd who must destroy the bad games that have somehow invaded the world of good video games. Each bad game has its own behavior and attack method, but the real challenge is in defeating the many bosses who guard the portals to each world.

Armed with a Nintendo Zapper the Nerd must blast his way through the classic gaming lands inspired by Super Mario, Mega Man, Pitfall, Metroid, and Castlevania. Only he can return balance to the land of video games.

Special Thanks:

James Rolfe for creating the Angry Video Game Nerd

Kyle Justin for writing and performing the AVGN Theme Song

Lee Martin for composing the level music

Eric Ruth for letting me use his 8-Bit Remix of the AVGN theme

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