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Magic Star Night (MSN) is a horizontal shooter that pays homage to the "Cute’um Up" shooters Cotton and Magical Chase.

Unlike most shoot’em ups MSN isn’t you’re typical sci-fi, dark, and depressing space shooter. It’s a light hearted, yet still challenging, adventure in a dream like magical world.

You play as Mara a young witch who just won a life’s supply of BerryTarts, (her favorite candy), but must race to the radio station before her prize is given to the runner up.

Armed with her magic wand Mara must blast any unfriendly magical creatures that get in her way. Luckily she can upgrade her powers for extra magical mayhem. She's going to need it when she confronts some truly giant boss monsters.

Flying on a broom Mara will zip though Snow Castle Land, Ghost Ship Harbor, The Dark Forest, Cloud Towers, and more. Each level is filled with details and effects. Digitally painted backdrops were created to breath more life into this magical world.


MSN is currently in the final stages of development. So be sure to check back soon for release information and gameplay footage.


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