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Hi, my name is Kevin Berryman, or Kain as the internet knows me, and this website is where I publish the games I make, my 2-Bit Gaming video series, and other game related media.

I've loved playing games for so long that I guess it was inevitable I would want to make my own. The mission of 2-Bit Productions is to make NEW old games.

I hope you enjoy playing them as much I did making them.

Please browse through my games, videos, and media by clicking on one of the blue boxes above or select an item to the left.

Thank you, Kevin

Halo Box


September 13 2010 - Uploaded Templates for Halo 2600

June 02 2009 - Added drop down menu to left-side navigation column.

June 01 2008 - New copyright information


Halo Gallant Girl and Belle

Game & Match Vol 1

Warp-HoleAVGN In Pixel Land Blast

Coming Soon


Magic Star Night

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