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What if the ultra popular action video game series "Halo" were to have a Gameboy version?

That is the idea behind the retro game "Halo: Gallant Belle".

You play as Kelly, one of the surviving Spartan Super Soldiers. The story takes place between the Halo novels "First Strike" and "Ghosts of Onyx".

After stumbling on a Covenant operation, Kelly must stop what could be the biggest threat to earth yet. With the help of Dr. Catherine Halsey she will explore an alien world with hidden Forerunner technology as deadly as any ring world.

While the Gameboy version is rendered in classic monochrome green just like all original Gameboy games, the Game Gear version is in full 8-Bit color.

Small touches like the offset-screen/shadow of the original Gameboy and the visuals of the Game Gear help date the game and make it feel more like you're playing on the the real classic hardware.

Both versions of the game can be scaled up to full screen for better view-ability.



Classic handheld graphics

Level Cheat Codes (email me if you really want them)

Three weapon modes

Platform exploration

Fly Banshee and Spirit vehicles


Cut scenes

Multiple boss battles


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