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Game & Match: Volume 1 is a parody of screwattack.com and is not an official screwattack release.

NOTE: New version with increased compatability. Follow the same download links above..

soon osx

Before the Gameboy, before the Nintendo Entertainment System, there was Game & Watch. The brain child of the late great Gunpei Yokoi Game & Watch was a series of simple Nintendo LCD electronic portable game systems.

"Game & Match" is the 2-Bit Productions revival of Yokoi-san's visionary game design. Each volume contains four simple games in the style of the classic Nintendo LCD games.

Volume 1 is themed after the popular gaming website and home of the AVGN Screwattack.com. This is a fan game and 2-Bit Productions has no affiliation with www.screwattack.com.


Games included in Volume 1:

Maxifent Love Attack (Maxifent Corey avoids love struck fans while collecting her favorite candy)
Super Salsa Toss (Stuttering Craig catches the unfortunate byproduct of Ben and Nick's Salsa eating contest.)
Jose's Driver's License (Jose El Mexicano can finally drive, but can he afford the insurance and avoid collisions?)
Daily Point Attack (Daily Destin must practice his pointing skills or risk pointing at the wrong camera)



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